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Auction lobbies are Daily Auctions that offer B2X tokens for שהתחיל בינאנס BNB based on the B2X and BNB pool at the end of the day.
Q2. When does auction start?
Auction starts daily at 00:00 UTC and lasts 24 hours.
Q3. How is auction supply calculated?
Auction starts with supply of 3700 B2X on day 1 and then reduces by 10 B2X per day till the auction supply reduces to 50 B2X on 365th day. Auction supply stays at 50 B2X per day thereafter forever.
Q4. What happens to Day 1 auction supply?
Day 1 is the Developers Day. BNB entering Auction Lobby on Day 1 will go the team as there will be no active stakes. The B2X tokens available for auction will be distributed to investors as per their investment.
Q5. What happens to the deposited BNB in auction?
100% of BNB deposited in auction is distributed back to users via staking, vault and liquidity nothing goes to the team. The distribution is as follows: · 45% BNB is distributed back to stakers as BNB dividends as per their active staking pool share. · 40% BNB is allocated to the BNB Vault which is then dripped to the users. · 10% BNB is used to add B2X liquidity on dex ( 5% for buyback and 5% for adding liquidity) · 5% BNB is allocated to feed T2X ecosystem.
Q6. How can I enter auction?
You need to visit Connect your Metamask wallet (switched to este binance reglementat Smart Chain). Go to auction panel and بائننس x-mbx-apikey enter the amount of BNB you want to invest and click on "Enter Auction with BNB". Approve the transaction in your wallet and wait for confirmation. Your invested amount will start reflecting on the auction panel.
Q7. How much B2X will I get at end of auction?
Amount of B2X which each user will receive at end of daily auction is calculated as follows:
Each Auction Day lasts 1 B2X CYCLE (*note 1 B2X Cycle= 24 Hours)
Q8. Why my receiving amount of B2X keeps changing with time?
When you enter auction the amount of B2X you’ll receive is shown as per current stats. As the auction day proceeds and more users enter auction, the amount of B2X you’ll receive starts decreasing.
Q9. Can I enter the auction multiple times in a day?
Yes you can enter the auction as many times you want in a day. The amount of your deposited BNB will keep updating under "My Deposits".
Q10. Can I collect my received B2X from auction?
No, you can’t collect B2X after the auction ends, instead you can directly stake them for 365 days.
Q1. What is Staking?
User needs to stake the received B2X from auction lobby for a fixed number of 365 days in order to earn interest in B2X and BNB dividends from the future auction lobbies daily.
Q2. What is the minimum and maximum period of staking?
There is no minimum or maximum number of staking days. Stakes are created for 365 days by default.
Q3. How do I get paid from staking?
Staking B2X pays in you two ways: B2X Interest: You receive 0.0137% interest in B2X on your active stakes daily. BNB Dividends: 45% BNB from previous day auction lobby is distributed as divs to the users as per their respective staking pool share. Vault Access: Staking allows you to accrue B2X interest which can be only banked into vaults to earn B2X and binance para principiantes BNB drips.
Q4. Can I claim my B2X Interest and BNB Divs daily?
You can collect your BNB divs daily to your wallet but you can’t collect B2X interest. B2X interest earned on your active stakes can only be banked to Vault. Banking interest and collecting divs daily, weekly or monthly is on sole discretion of user.
Q5. Why do I see waiting under progress bar?
When you create a stake it is in waiting period till the current lobby day ends. With the start of next lobby day, the stakes become active and you will start seeing maturity progress of the active stake.
Q6. My stake is active but I can’t see my divs and interest?
When your stake becomes active it starts earning B2X interest and BNB Divs, que porcentagem o binance toma but they are reflected on staking panel at the beginning of next auction lobby day.
Q7. Can I cancel an active stake?
No you can’t cancel an active stake.
Q8. What happens when my stake is competed after 365 days?
Once your stake is completed it stops earning divs and interest on that stake until you re-stake it.
Q9. Why the amount of re-staked B2X is less than the original amount?
When your original stake is completed after 365 days and you re-stake it, 25% B2X tokens are burnt and 75% B2X tokens are re-staked.
Q10. Why 25% burn on re-stake?
Since the auction supply goes on forever, the 25% burn is a part of deflationary measure.
Q1. What is Vault?
B2X Vault is built and designed to generate steady flow of passive income for the investors meanwhile encouraging staking. Vault can be accessed only via depositing B2X interest earned from active stakes. No one can enter in the vault without having an active stake. Vault comprises of two pools: BNB Pool and B2X Pool. Both these pool drips 1% of total pool amount to users daily based on their respective vault pool share.
Q2. Where do Vaults get funds from?
BNB POOL is fed from 40% BNB invested in auction of previous cycle. B2X POOL is fed from interest deposited by users.
Q3. Can I claim B2X and BNB earned from vault?
Yes, you can claim earned B2X and BNB to your wallet.
Q4. How to calculate my drip from Vault?
Let’s say in any given B2X cycle: Total B2X interest deposited in Vault by users so far = 150000 B2X Total B2X Interest deposited by user so far = 200 B2X Thus, Vault Pool Share (VPS) of user in that cycle =
Now the user will get 0.133% of 1% Drip from B2X Pool and BNB Pool daily. B2X Pool Size = 150000 B2X which means 1500 B2X will be dripped to all users in that cycle. (1% drip) Let’s say BNB Pool Size = 1600 BNB which means 16 BNB will be dripped to all users in that cycle.(1% Drip) So the user with VPS of 0.133% will get 0.133% of 1500 B2X and combien de temps prend le retrait de binance cryptocurrency exchange 0.133% of 16 BNB in that cycle. I.e. 1.995 B2X and 0.02128 BNB These B2X and BNB earning from the vault can be claimed anytime to the respective wallet.
Q5. Can I reinvest my BNB earnings from vault into auction directly?
Yes you can type the amount of BNB you want to invest from the earned BNB and click on "Enter Auction" tab to enter auction without collecting the drip.
Q6. Can I stake my B2X drip directly without claiming?
Yes, you can stake the B2X earned from vault directly without claiming.

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